Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Place We Call Home

Finally, this is the 3rd time I am writing this. The first few times I lost everything, post and pictures. Here we go again.
It has been almost been a year that I posted any news. So much has happened, I don't even remember. We finally found a house, by God's grace. 1800 sq.ft, brick on 18 acres, shop, shed and pond. And the best of all, several apple and peach trees. We moved in on July of 2013, after painting, repairs and updates. I will try to add some before and after pics, but can't promise it will work out this time. Here we go:
Garage had been turned into a family room (Before)

After removing carpet, laying tiles, and painting

Same room before

After building an office into the room (wall to the left)

Dining room, all grey walls (before)

A look from the dining room into the living room (before)

The dining room (after), I love bright colors!

The living room (Before)

The living room after removing the carpet, laying hardwood floor, and painting

I will continue the walk through and around our house another time. It is time for beddy bye.


  1. You moved your! I like the It is well letters on the wall =). If we ever buy a house again I want light wood floors =). Tommy is so funny! Christian misses Tommy alot =) Love ya!

  2. Thank you, Kelly. We haved moved that poor couch so often, it probably feels like it is military. LOL. The letters on the wall have been done by a dear friend who left me. We miss you guys too. A lot!