Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oma's Visit

My mom came to visit us this last Christmas. She arrived on Oct. 26 of last year and stayed till Jan. 2 of 2014. We had a great time, with many memories to share.
 Oma arrived at the Airport in Branson on Oct. 26.
 Decorating for Timothy's 5th Birthday, the night before
 My baby is 5 years old, Oct. 27

 He still likes trains
 Little fun in the backyard with many small candles
 Next day, Oct. 28. my birthday
 The theme was Italy
 Got to enjoy coffee and cake outside in the sun
 3 Generations
 Timothy having fun holding Oma down
 The need of exercising!
 Oma developed a love for playing the card game Skip-o. We played it every day at coffee time.
 Leeanna's sweet 16th Birthday

 Love my daughter!!!

We visited our dear friends, the Means, in Arkansas for a couple of days.  Shortly after that they went back to their missions field to Mexico.
Thanksgiving spent with the Pickett family. We knew them from our duty station on Whiteman AFB, MO. Great friendship since then
 Like every year, we went Black Friday Shopping, Leeanna, Oma and I! Crazy? Yeah maybe, but fun!

 Christmas of 2014! In our own house, how special it was!

A good movie with a big bowl of ice-cream. Can it get any better?