Sunday, April 8, 2012

Our last Easter celebration in Colorado

Easter Sunday, what a wonderful day. Not just a regular Sunday, but a reminder of our glorious hope! Jesus died for our sins and rose again! Praise God for our SAVIOR! We had a good Sunday morning, the church was packed! Great message, wonderful music.
We went on door knocking yesterday with about 80 other friends from church! It feels good being out and about doing something for the Lord.
We are still looking forward to Missouri, and we hope we will be a blessing to our new church and friends there. God is good, and He knows about our future. As long as we are in His perfect will we will be doing fine.
Other than that we don't have anything new. As I am following Kelly's blog I am more and more aware that I need to get more organized and we are in need to get read of a lot of things. Which means another garage sale. Yeah. I just have to invite her to help me. By the way, if you read this please pray that God will show us a house to buy when we visit Missouri in about 2 weeks.
I am also following Carrie's blog, which shows me how much fun it can be to do hands-on with the kids. Wished I could be more like her. Well, thanks Carrie and Kelly for the ideas and examples you are setting.
Hope everyone has a Happy, Blessed Easter! We have a risen Savior!