Monday, November 3, 2014

More pictures from our vacation in Germany!

Hallo meine deutschen Freunde! Da ich meinen Blog in Englisch schreibe habt Ihr vielleicht Probleme alles nachzulesen. Ihr habt allerdings die Moeglichkeit auf der rechten Seite meines Blogs auf das Wort "Translate" zu klicken. Dann koennt Ihr "German" anklicken und alles in Deutsch lesen. Allerdings muss ich Euch warnen, es klingt ein bissl lustig, da jeder Satz genau uebersetzt wird. 
Also, viel Spass beim Lesen. 

 A walk through the vineyards that surround our little village.
 A shopping trip to the City of Schweinfurt.
 Here is my mom's patio, with all the nice greenery. This is the house I was born in and where I grew up. The little girl is Annika, my counsin Andrea's daughter.
 Another walk
Breakfast on the patio. The green in the background grows on the wall that surrounds the village and was used for protection in the middle ages.
 The river Main that flows close to our village with it's ferry, the only way to cross it, unless you want to drive 10 more miles to the next bridge. As kids we used to swim in it.
 Eating ice-cream in an Italian Ice-Cafe.
 Another little shopping trip in Schweinfurt.
 Timothy and Annika
 A bike ride to the City of Volkach. Another wonderful thing about Germany is the many roads for bikes that go from town to town. In the background are vegetable gardens. Most Germans don't have enough land with their house for veggies, so they have some land outside of the village.

 On the hill in the background is a Catholic church, the name is Maria im Weingarten, in english it would be Mary in the vineyard
 The City of Volkach. I used to work for here for a dentist.
 A picture of my hometown Untereisenheim, situated in a valley, surrounded by vineyards and forrest.
 Kulturherbst in Untereisenheim. Again coffee time. Leeanna, my mom, Jason, myself and Timothy
Leeanna enjoying the view over the river Main.