Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Our little weekend outing to the Lake of The Ozarks at the Four-Seasons-Hotel.
I wonder if Tommy is having fun in the motorboat?

Leeanna loved the wild rides. Lots of wind, lots of high waves.

Timothy and his Papa on the motorcycle

I have not have time to work on my blog. I started to give German lessons at the Homeschool COOP in Warrensburg every Thursday, and school has been a challenge for the 3 of us. Leeanna's lessons are taking till late afternoon and Tommy has a lot more to do than the grade before. In the midst of all of that little Timothy wants his part. So life is a little challenging right now. On top of it we still don't know where the Army is sending us. Last we heard is that we won't know anything for a while until an Army unit needs us ( so to speak ). Very discouraging. Do we go overseas? Then I need to do a garage sale and sell .... .lots of things. Do we stay stateside? Then I still need to do a garage sale and sell some things. But in the midst of this I know that my God is still in control, and I pray that He will send us where He sees it fit. Hey, as long as I have a good church and I can homeschool, and my kids will find some new friends... I am as happy as a pig in new mud.

I will still miss Missouri, though. We had great times here and wonderful friends. Well, got to go, need to work on a quiz for my german lessons.

A few weeks ago we went to the Lake of The Ozarks for a weekend. It was so much fun. Our first family outing after a long time. We stayed at the Hotel Four Seasons for free. Yup. And we rented a motorboat from Base. It was wonderful.

Hope whoever stops by leaves a little comment for me. ;)