Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back from Family Camp

Here are the friends at Family Camp, during the service, front row: Hannah Means, Ashlynne, Libby, Leeanna and Tabby.
What a difference in size: Jackson, only 2 weeks older than Timothy
A visit at the Cliff Dwellings in Colorado Springs.
We are saying good-bye to Camp Pomme de Terre
Grandma Bev at out camp ground in Iowa.

We are back from Family camp in Missouri, back from our vacation. We had a wonderful time with our "old" Church family. As a matter of fact I got saved on the only Sunday we worshipped with Calvary. Well, maybe I was saved before (which I still think I was), but every time I heard about the rapture I thought, what if ... I will be left behind? It scared me. So I asked the Lord to guide me. I went to the altar to pray and had a feeling I need to talk with somebody. Pastor Merrick directed me to a lady who didn't know my past. We talked for quite a while, and finally I asked the Lord to forgive me and save me. Even if I was saved already, now I know without a shadow of a doubt where I will spend eternity.
Tommy and Leeanna were in Texas to spend their summer visitation with their dad. Jason picked them up in Arkansas on Saturday. It was great to see them again. The following Monday we drove all together to Camp Pommes De Terre. It was wonderful to see old friends again. The Means came also, and I enjoyed so much seeing them, visiting and catching up. They still have a special place in my heart.
The preaching was great, as a matter of fact, the Lord spoke to me (and also to many others, Leeanna included) on the last night of camp, Thursday night. It was about having a duty as a Christian. How much witnessing are we doing? Do we put faces to the "great and small, standing before the Great White Throne"? The ones spending eternity in hell? We need to go out and talk to everybody we come in contact with.
But the best of all happened on Wednesday night, the 6. of July. Tommy got saved. He thought he got saved when he was 5 years old, but had doubts. That night he felt a tug on his heart, and he made it right with Jesus. I rejoice with him!
After camp we spent a weekend with Brother O'Neil and his family in Springfield, MO. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, just like we had with the French family the weekend before and the Lawhons. Brother O'Neil showed us around. It is a beautiful countryside. We felt like buying land and moving there. But we will see, what the Lord has in store for us. We took Leeanna and Tommy back to spend 3 more weeks with their dad on Saturday.
After that Jason, Timothy and I went on to Iowa to see his mom. She is in a nursing home and not very happy. We had Sina and Ben's pop-up camper and stayed on a nice camp ground. The weather was nice, not too hot.
We are back in Colorado now, weather has been great, sunny, but rain every evening. The only thing growing is still only the weeds in our yard. LOL. We need to do some landscaping.
We will pick Leeanna and Tommy up on Saturday and then spend a week with Sina and her family, before she is having her baby.

OK, that is all for now. I will try to attach a few photos. Have a wonderful weekend!