Saturday, August 9, 2014


It has been a long time that I have updated my post. Like always, time runs away. I have tried a new way of gardening (new for me), which is called square-foot gardening. I like it, because I don't have to fight the weeds. I hope that my husband will build more boxes for me so that I can put the veggies and fruits in that I grew in my "old" garden.
Of course I had to fight some bugs, because I want to do it organic. Oh, what a fight... But, I endured. To my dismay, not everything has been a success. Here are some pictures to show
 I planted my herbs in containers. Next year, I will grow them in the ground outside my kitchen
 My blackberry bushes, in the background my compost pile
And these are the 3 boxes my husband built for me.
 The cabbage, before attacked by cabbage worms.
 In the 2 big truck tires in the back, I grew strawberries, but they will hopefully go into boxes too.
 Tommy's watermelons, later all eaten by his rabbit that ran free.
Timothy's canteloupe, which are still growing. Guess the rabbit didn't care for them. 

The other big project we did, was to put in skylights in the kitchen and open up the ceiling. It is almost finished. Only some more edges need to be done and painting the ceiling. It was hot and dirty work, but now there is light in the kitchen. 

I don't have pictures yet of the finished project, but it gives you an idea of how it looks.

Well, my friends, that is what has been going on this summer. Oh, I almost forgot, we also have 16 chickens and one rooster, named Pauli (which is a German name). Let's see, then there is our dog Sally, which has been with us since Jason's first deployment in Iraq, the dog Lucy (a San Bernard which has been abandent), a white rabbit (which likes watermelons), a cat named Mittens which was almost starved when she showed up at our house, and surprised us about 9 days ago with 4 kittens. Timothy named them Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach and Abednigo. 

To all of my friends, thank you for reading my blog, and keeping up with our lives. Life has been good, not always easy but good since the day the Lord saved me. Thank you for loving my family and me, even though we have not always kept in touch. The ones who write blogs, I always enjoy reading them to keep up with yall. Carie, nothing has changed. It was good talking to you on your birthday. You are in my prayers! I love all of you!