Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It has been a long time since I wrote anything. Let me think what has happened...
My dad died unexpected. He was taken to the hospital on November 12. and died on Sunday November 14. Sina, I and our children were able to fly out on Saturday and made it to see my dad Sunday afternoon, 2 hours before he died. He was in a coma, and I prayed so hard that he could hear me asking him to accept Jesus as his savior. I wanted him to wake up and talk to me. It was terrible to see him lying like that. When he died I had peace, but was sad, so sad. I hope that he heard me and is now with our Lord in Heaven.
We stayed with my mom for 4 weeks to get everything settled. His funeral was almost 2 weeks later, because he was crimated. The kids got to see him one more time before, it was peaceful, he looked like he was asleep, but they cried and were sad to see him like that. It was necessary though, because they were not allowed to go to the hospital to see him.
My mom came to stay with us 2 days after we left Germany. We hope she will gain enough strength here to face her life at home without "Opa". She stays busy with the kids, especially Timothy loves to have her around. She is wonderful, a big help and a great teacher for my little one. He learned to count to 15 in German, knows a german song "Kommt ein Vogel geflogen" and so much more. He also knows the names of the trains in "Thomas the train."
We finally joined the church "Lighthouse Baptist Church". It is a good church, we still miss our old one in Missouri.
Oh, Sina is pregnant and so is Andrea, my cousin. Do I want another baby? Yes, but I trust God. So, now it is time to end and go to bed. I hope my next post will be soon.