Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ash Grove, Missouri

Now we are back in Missouri. Ash Grove is a small town of 1,472 people + us now, I guess. LOL. We enjoy living in a small town again. Our church home is Bible Baptist of Ash Grove. Love it! Right now we are living in a small trailor house, but we will be moving into a 5 bedroom house this coming Monday, also in Ash Grove. I am extremely excited!!!! Even though we will miss our neighbors next door. Tommy and Timothy have become friends with Nick, his brother and little sister. They play together every day. The parents were having problems. After getting to know them a little bit, and Nick going with us to church, the parents decided they all would go one Sunday. And they did come. Loved it, and came back the following Sunday. We are praying for their salvation, and that they will pull through their difficulties. It is wonderful to see how Christ takes sinners and turns them into people that are excited about going to heaven. Praise God for Salvation and our blessed Hope. Thank you Jesus!

Jason is doing online school for his bachelors degree. Financially we are ok due to the retirement he gets from the Army. We won't be able to purchase a house though, unless he starts working. Which is ok, renting allows us to meet people and help them in different circumstances. Like my husband helping people to cut up trees and branches that fell in their yards after the last storm.

I do ask for prayers for the upcoming election. We need to get Obama out, otherwise this country will go down. I am not choking. Our future here in America will change forever with him being President a second term. Thank the Lord, He is still in control.

Oh, I almost forgot: The beginning of July we went to family camp again. Wonderful preaching, great fellowship and as always, very encouraging! And lots of fun!!!
Well, I hope everyone will have a great week.

 My 3 men love to fish. Even Timothy got the hang of it. And they caught some little fish!
 Canoeing was another blast on Lake Pomme de Terre.
 Waiting for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don't remember. Hanging out with good friends!
 My husband made 2nd place in archery. So proud of him! The first place was given to a first time archery trier. His arrow hit the ground, bounced up and hit the center. And he was proud of it. LOL.
Leeanna and Libby got 2nd place in fussball (table).
 Leeanna, Caroline, Libby, Abby and Tommy- always smiling! The girls look tired. Wonder why?!
 The boys ate outside....
...the girls on the other hand, enjoyed AC while eating.