Friday, July 24, 2009

Almost weekend

Timothy and his Pa, Little man is now 8 month old
Big sister, big brother - always being funny, and little pinguin
Our youngest pianist
My goodness, 11 years and going on teenageyears. My big girl!!!!!!

This is Friday and tomorrow we will be heading out to Iowa. It has been a while since Jason's family has seen Timothy. We will be staying at his uncles place out in the woods. Lots of running place for the kids.
Timothy is almost 9 month old. Only a few more days. Oh my, time runs so fast. His buddy Jackson already hit his 9 month mark. Well, at least we (Timothy) got one tooth more than Jackson. LOL
Here are a few pictures of my loved ones. Gotta love em!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Praise God

God is good!!!!!!!!! I went to the clinic today. Timothy's ears are clear, x-ray showed no signs of bronchitis, and the ultrasound of Tommy's belly showed that his liver is normal and not enlarged. Thank you Lord!
Right now, I am listening to a webcast "Stop the abortion". It is very sad what they do to babies. The great thing is that over 30.000 people are listening tonight. That is encouraging.
Motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me, after being saved. Guess, not every woman feels that way. How sad!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sick babies

Oh my, what a week. First Tommy was sick with a fever, then baby Timothy came down with bronchitis. I had to take him to the ER on Monday night, closer Tuesday morning 4 AM. He is doing better, being on Antibiotics. Everone who knows me knows how much I hate giving medicine to my kiddos. But in this case I felt it was necessary. He could hardly breath, coughed like a barking dog. It was pittyful.
Well, lets see... I took Tommy to the doc on base because of his tummyache that seems to appear every week and sometimes every day. They did an X-ray and took some blood. Result: Enlarged liver and a collon that goes zick-zack. Also his stomach is smaller than it should be. Now I know why he doesn't eat much at a time. Anyways, we have to see a doc in Warrensburg tomorrow morning to get an ultrasound done. And with all of that we have to visit Children's Mercy in Kansas City to see a specialist. I pray that everything will be easy to fix. God has always been good to us, and I know that He is still in charge.

Well, other than that we have not heard where we will be going next, what duty station will be blessed with our presence. LOL.
I am doing better with eating healthy (Hint, Carie).
I guess that is it for today. Hope the night will be peaceful - no crying baby.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zurueck vom Familien Camp

Hannah's 11th birthday, and we could celebrate it with her.
4 crazy boys
Oh, 3 cuties ( one of them is mine!!!! )
New haircolor, takes time to get used to.

Letzte Woche auf Camp war super. Leeanna, Tommy, Timothy und ich hatten viel Spass mit anderen Freunden. Ausserdem haben wir eine Menge anderer Leute kennen gelernt. Jeden Morgen und am Abend hatten wir Gottesdienst und Gott hat uns gezeigt, was wir besser machen koennen.
Zuerst hat es eine Puppenshow gegeben, die nicht nur den Kindern gefallen hat, danach gab es Spiele, Jungs gegen Maedels. Manche Leute glauben, dass einmal die Woche genug ist, in die Kirche zu gehen. Ist es wirklich genug 1 Std die Woche Gott zu witmen? Hat er nicht mehr verdient? Mir macht es jedenfalls Freude das Wort Gottes zu hoeren, und mehr von Ihm zu lernen.
Wir haben natuerlich auch Sport getrieben (war Zeit fuer mich faules Ei). Jeder konnte waehlen zwischen Volleyball, Fussball, Hufeisen werfen, Kanu fahren usw. Calvary Baptist Church hat dieses Jahr sogar den Championship in Volleyball gewonnen, und ja... ich war im Team. Juhu, habe aber seitdem ein blaues Ei am Handballen, Puhu.
Jedenfalls hat Gott mir auch gezeigt, dass es einen Grund gibt, dass Jason bald kein Rekruter mehr ist. Ich verstehe es zwar noch nicht, habe aber seitdem meinen Frieden deswegen.
Gestern haben unsere Freunde, die Means uns besucht, und gingen mit uns heute frueh zur Kirche. Leider mussten sie nach dem Mittagessen schon wieder fort.
Oh, ich habe meine Haare gefaerbt. Jap, eigentlich wollte ich dunkelblond, aber im Moment habe ich dunkelbraun-roetliche Haare. Ich werde versuchen ein paar Fotos anzuhaengen.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th of July coming up

2 more days and another 4th of July, with food, fun and friends. Not to forget the fireworks. I am really looking forward to that. We invited 2 wonderful families to celebrate with us. Sad to say but this time I won't go to a TEA party (taxed enough already party). I hope that a lot more people will show up this time.
Well, I got good news, Timothy sleeps in his own bed now. At least he goes to sleep there (in Tommy's room). He still wakes up at night to eat. Which is ok, I just bring him to our bed and let him finish out the night. He is such a sweetheart, what can I say, just another blessing from our wonderful Creator.
Well, time to go to bed. Oh one more thing, our pool got pushed against our rockpillars and has an ugly cut in the wall. Needless to say that the water ran out. Now Jason has to patch it and set it up again. Poo.