Tuesday, July 21, 2009

sick babies

Oh my, what a week. First Tommy was sick with a fever, then baby Timothy came down with bronchitis. I had to take him to the ER on Monday night, closer Tuesday morning 4 AM. He is doing better, being on Antibiotics. Everone who knows me knows how much I hate giving medicine to my kiddos. But in this case I felt it was necessary. He could hardly breath, coughed like a barking dog. It was pittyful.
Well, lets see... I took Tommy to the doc on base because of his tummyache that seems to appear every week and sometimes every day. They did an X-ray and took some blood. Result: Enlarged liver and a collon that goes zick-zack. Also his stomach is smaller than it should be. Now I know why he doesn't eat much at a time. Anyways, we have to see a doc in Warrensburg tomorrow morning to get an ultrasound done. And with all of that we have to visit Children's Mercy in Kansas City to see a specialist. I pray that everything will be easy to fix. God has always been good to us, and I know that He is still in charge.

Well, other than that we have not heard where we will be going next, what duty station will be blessed with our presence. LOL.
I am doing better with eating healthy (Hint, Carie).
I guess that is it for today. Hope the night will be peaceful - no crying baby.

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