Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

After the last election I had to come to terms with my personal feelings. I felt discouraged, mad, scared, upset with the American people who voted for the evil. Then I realized that God is still in control, and that America deserves what is coming. We allowed the evil, abortions (murder), new definitions of marriage. Is that crazy or what? We replaced God's law with men's law. Looking back at history, did that not all happen before? Take a look at Germany and Adolf Hitler, or what about Russia and Stalin? Does that ring a bell?
Anyhow, after all these emotions, I came to the conclusion that God has been good, is good and still loves His people. We need to focus on Him and reach the lost world.
So we decided to have a wonderful Thanksgiving, with Christian friends, thanking Him for His love and mercy. Pastor was so gracious to allow us and use the fellowship hall of the church. We decorated the day before, and what a great day it was!!!!! Then we had the Pena's over for the weekend, friends from Knob Noster, MO.
On Friday Precilla, Leeanna and I went Black Friday shopping. Actually we started around 8:30PM the night before. Found a few good deals. Going home around 10 AM the next morning, we were tired.
I forgot to mention that Leeanna turned 15 on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I am so blessed to have 3 wonderful children. Lo, Children are an inheritance of the Lord....
 In the morning, everyone is still a little bit tired. Leeanna's 15th birthday!

A trip to Mansfield, MO, the late home of Laura Ingalls Wilder and Almanzo Wilder.

The news I forgot to mention are: I got a new bird, Opus, from a bird rescue in Springfield. He has plucked and has problems growing new feathers. But he is a sweet bird. And we are - again - looking for a house. This time to buy our own, hopefully with acreage, so that we can have our own garden. Lots to learn for me. Carie, where are you? LOL.