Friday, February 26, 2010

House hunting

It has been awhile that I wrote something on my blog. There were not any changes really. Jason went to a men's recharge today, and kids and I are planning on having a slumber party tonight. With a good movie, popcorn and of course ice cream.
This last week was busy with school, broken washing machine, and a spa party. A friend who was expecting needed me, which was a great experience and made me want another baby. Crazy, hmmm.
Anyways, life is going on without big surprises (which is good). We are seriously looking for a house to buy in Colorado. It is exciting and a little challenging, because we are not there yet.
Timothy had his first haircut at the barbershop at the BX. He looks like a little man.
OK, this is it for today. Hope everybody is having a great weekend.