Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Place to Call Home, Part 2

Wow, I can't believe it: I am on it again.  And the tour begins:

Master Bedroom (Before)
Master Bedroom (After)
Small Bathroom (Before)
Small Bathroom (After)
Laundry room (Before)

Laundry room (After)

Kids' Bedroom No. 1(Before)

No.1 became Leeanna's room

Kids' Bedroom No. 2
No. 2 became Tommy's room
Kids' Bedroom No. 3

No. 3 is now Timothy's

Shed (Before)

Shed needed some TLC and organizing

Hallway (Before)

Hallway (After)

Front of our house (Before planting flowers)

After some landscaping

There is still a lot of work for us, but the house and also the outside shows much improvement. My next bigger project is to grow some produce in my garden. Still a lot to learn for me. Hopefully, I can post picture of wonderful vegetables that have survived my not so green thumb! Carie, where are you? LOL. After reading some books that my neighbor loaned me I decided to try SFG, which means square foot gardening. Is cheaper than raised garden beds, and for a beginner like I am, easier to handle. We will see what the outcome....
Another big improvement has been our outside wood burner. The gas usage has been down a lot this winter.
Hopefully, my husband can open the skylights soon, so that I have light in my kitchen, which is the only downside in our house: no windows! Pictures will follow!


  1. I think Your dear hubby should build you a wooden storage unit to put your washer and dryer on! ;) So happy for you guys!

  2. LOL, I tell you what, Carie, he is overworked as is; even without another storage unit. But you could come and help me with my garden. As you know, I don't have a very green thumb when it comes to produce. Seufz! :(

  3. Wow! Come do my house! Your decorating is great! Beautiful house.

  4. So pretty!!! I didn't see this post before somehow....I am so impressed by the shed!!!!