Saturday, March 2, 2013

A New Year

This is already March. I can't believe it. We still have not found a house to buy. I must honestly say that I am getting a little bit impatient. Surely there must be one out there for us!!!!! But I try to wait patiently-impatiently on the Lord.
We had a wonderful surprise today: An old friend, Sam Means, called us on Skype. It was great to see his family and him on the computer and talk to them. They are missionaries in Mexico, wonderful family, busy working for the Lord, but I can selfishly say that I miss them.
There is really not much that happened. Well, no, there are a few things: The kids and I went to Loveland, Colorado to visit Sina and the Rockies. Sad to say we all got sick, the whole time we were there. But it was still a great time, just being with my niece and her family. We sure enjoyed the talks, laughter and ice cream. LOL. Tommy had his 12th birthday while we were there. The kids are surely growing up. Groan. On our way home, I was still sick, we had a run-in with a coyote. Damaged the front of my car. My husband had to find a trailor at 9 PM to pick us up. The good thing is that he could repair the car for a lot less than any mechanic. Praise God for a husband who can fix almost anything!

Life is good, not always easy, but good. Living for the Lord was the best decision I ever made in my life. Jesus has saved me, I can not thank Him enough! This beautiful country is going downhill, so fast, that I need Him to hold on for the ride! He will take me through whatever is coming. Sad that there are still Americans who can not see what is happening.
Enough of this, I just had to scribble a few thoughts down.

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  1. Hey friend! Sorry y'all haven't been able to find a house to buy yet. =( I was really hoping you would be able to buy the one you showed me at Thanksgiving. Miss you all!