Friday, December 18, 2009

Almost Christmas

Leeanna's 12. Birthday, still tired from a good night sleep
Our almost daily walk in the vinyards surrounding my hometown

My dad's little tractor, homemade.

My German family, well my brother is missing

I am such a bad blogger. Yesterday I had time to read Carie's blog and I felt ashamed. OK, enough whining, now lets get started.
Our visit in Germany was great and we wanted to stay longer, but my husband was calling and I missed him too. Anyway, the flight back was ok, stressful but no bad accidents.... let me take that back. When I checked the luggage in, my skirt got hung on one of the suitcases, which was on the way behind the counter. A scream from the lady who checked us in, and finally she found the button to stop the convaerbelt. We did cost some attention around us and I thought, "No Lord, not another day like the one we had when we flew to Germany!"
But everything else was going smooth. Timothy was lively, but manageble.
Now, we are back to trying to live healthy, juicing in the morning. I need to eat more raw, I am just not there yet.
Tomorrow I will have a Christmas Party for the Ladies from church in our house. Everything went well, but guess what.. Tommy was complaining over a sore throat, and now he is running a fever. I pray that it will be better by tomorrow.
Looking back, the Lord has been good to us, a new baby, healthy family, great churchfamily and many great friends. And my parents are doing well too, Thank you Lord!
I will try to attach some photos from Germany. Hope it works. I am not so good at this... YET.

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