Monday, November 30, 2009

Vacation almost over

Oh my, where has the time gone. It is monday, and in only 9 days we will be flying back to the States again. Hopefully with more peace and less trouble. We really enjoyed the time with my family. I do miss my husband though. We still have not heard about our new dutystation. We even found out that USAREC has not released us yet. Maybe God allows us to stay here for the rest of the 3 years. Wouldn´t heard my feelings. And I know the kids would love it. And, of course the best of all : Jason would not deploy again for the rest of the recruiting time. Which means no separation. Well, we will see what God´s plan is for us.
Salvation, what is that... A wonderful wise woman has explained it this way: If you have a serious sickness and the doctor tells you about a great new drug, you can believe him, but only believing in the drug will not cure you. You have to accept the drug to be healed. It is the same with Jesus. Only believing in Him doesn´t save you from hell. You have to know that you are a sinner ( sick ), believe that He is the son of God and you have to ask Him to save you, be your savior (accept Him ). It is that simple, and yet, people don´t want Him in their lives, or they don´t believe in Him. Are they not scared of the life after death? I believe what the Bible says about the lake of fire. It is terrible, and I pray for my friends and family to spend eternity with God.
By the way, I got highlights in my hair today. The brown hair started to be boring and didn´t look good. I want my blonde back. Poohoo.
OH, did I mention that my little girl had her 12. birthday last Saturday the 21. of November? She is getting sooo big. And Timothy is now 13 month old. Her birthday was great. We even made a nightwalk in the vinyards with torches. And then grilled bratwurst out there. It was fun. I love you, my big little girl!

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