Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another day closer to having my kids back

Good Morning. My day started with a walk with Timothy and Sally, my dog, and before that we had some fresh pressed juice (are you proud of me, Carie?). Jason's first day at work yesterday went well. After our walk and reading my emails I got on the phone with my 2 Senators, and tried to call the White House (busy signal) and the Ambassador Rice. What a mess we are in, now they want to join the UN treaty - the Rights of the Child. Which means we would give up more and more of our Freedom. I was never into Politics until now. I may not make a difference, but at least I tried.
OK, I worked on my blog all day (almost) yesterday to put on a slideshow of my photes. Finally I got it but now I lost my template, which means my blog looks really boring. Help! ;)


  1. You are certainly finding lots to keep you busy while the kiddos are gone! =) We should get together one day. Maybe we could all do something before Kelly leaves.

  2. You do have your kids back! And you got to visit the awesome Means Family....where's the blog?