Monday, June 22, 2009

OK, here are some news on my hubby: His back is still hurting, but the surgery went well. His doc sends him back to work tomorrow, which is Tuesday, the 23. Which is too early. But this is America, right? Work, work, work.
I miss my big kids. They will be back home this weekend. Sometimes people say, kids are hard to raise, or they are stressful.... blah, blah.... I guess they never saw the sweetness in their laughing eyes, or the awesome babble of a baby, or the wonderful warm feeling that sweeps over you when the baby stretches out his arms for you and your big kids tell you that you are the best mom in the whole wide world. I feel for these moms who never have time for their kids and never experience the fulfillment that comes with being a mom. Other than accepting my Lord and Savior I never made a better decision than having children. And of course to marry my wonderful hubby.

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