Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another try

Believe it or not, I can skate too! It was a lot of fun. By the way, the young lady beside me is Sina, niece and best friend!
Ice-cream in Loveland, CO. Yummy!
Ice-scating, also in Loveland. Leeanna, Vivian, Daniel, Sina.
Our crazy crew. Got to love em!
It has been a while since I updated my blog. Last time I wrote a long one, attached a few pics, hit the wrong button... gone, everything. I got upset, and quit.
So, here we go again. I have been on another health trip, found out that milk is not healthy, did some research and came to the conclusion: Let's stick with Almond milk, and if possible get raw milk. Not very easy done. Leeanna and Timothy love the Almond milk, Tommy hates it. Here in Colorado it is not possible, neither allowed to sell raw milk, unless you own a cow. We don't! Hmmm.
Next thing is looking into the near future. Jason's retirement date is Aug. 31, 2012. We can leave Colorado and Post around the 20. of June. It still looks like God is calling us back to Missouri, but not to Knob Noster, where we lived before. This time it will be Springfield. We went there to visit last year in July. Beautiful countryside. Of course we will have a good church, Mitch O'Neill is the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Ash Grove. We came to love him and his family, which makes the leaving here a lot easier. Let's not forget: My niece Sina and her family live close by. We had wonderful times and visits together, and it hurts to think that this will end soon, but we depend on God's divine plan. It will be great!
We are looking into buying a house and land, hopefully at least 10 acres. It will be a lot cheaper in MO than CO. Then I want to plant my own garden, since it becomes harder and more expensive to buy organic food. But... I still need to learn a lot about gardening. Wished my friend Carie and her green thumb would be here. Of course we want chickens, and maybe, down the road a horse or two. Did I mention that I owned horses before? No? Well, I did. And still miss my little ranch.
Jason is reading a lot about business building. He has plans to do some college. Again, we trust God has a plan already laid out for us. It is a little bit sad to leave the military life, but also extremely exciting, to think we will settle down.
My mom is still here to visit. She will be leaving on the 15. of March. I pray that she will get back into her routine, being alone.
I think this is all for now. I will try to attach a few pics. Hope you have not given up on me and still read my blog. Love ya.

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