Friday, December 16, 2011

Back in Germany

Oh where should I start? So much to write about.
The O'Neil family came to visit us in Colorado in October. We had a wonderful few days, actually much too short for my taste. We showed them a little bit of Colorado, mainly the mountains, indian cliffdwellings and did some hiking. It was great, and we all were sad to see them leave.
Jason put in his retirement package. Next year August we are done with the military. It looks like we will move back to Missouri. To say exactly move to Springfield. I look forward to be with our friends and church again, but I have also heartache to leave my wonderful friend and niece Sina and her family!!!!! God knows, and HE is good as always!
On another note, my mom arrived in October to stay with us till March. 2 weeks ago, my cousin Andrea called us to let us know that her mom, my aunt Hilde (mom's sister) got killed by a car. It was terrible. We decided to fly to Germany for the funeral and to be with my cousin Andrea. We arrived here on the 7. of Dec., the funeral was on the next day. It was a very sad time.
Leeanna and Tommy stayed at Sina's, Jason had to work, which left my mom, Timothy and me to fly. Last year in Nov. we had to bury my dad, this year in Dec. my aunt Hilde. It made me realize how important it is to keep friendships up, to spend time with friends and loved ones. Because there will be a time when you realize what was really important in life. It should be our Creator, our family, friends, lost souls and then the rest. We should never put aside a chance to witness, a chance to share our faith and hope. And yet, how often do we put the Lord first? Just something to think about.
We will be flying back home on the 19. of Dec, next week. Can't wait to see the rest of my family again.
Whoever reads this pray for wisdom and guidance, please. Pray for the ones I got to witness here in Germany. Catholicism is so strong here, and the people are so blinded. I am so sad for them.
Well, it is time to go to bed. It will be great to look at places to live. Good Night!

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