Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Cup of Coffee and a Piece of Cake

It is awesome what our "German afternoon coffee and cake" can do: Last week, during my daily coffee and cake time I got a call from a wonderful friend of mine. Actually it was her husband (with her by his side) trying to call my cellphone. I didn't recognize the phone number and was also on the phone with my mom in Germany, so I didn't bother answering. After this "person" tried to call again, I was wondering. When finished talking to my mom I checked my voicemail, just to find out, it was Sam Means calling, telling me that they are having a piece of cake and coffee and thought about us.
For the ones of you who don't know about the Means Family: We have found each other in Lawton, Oklahoma, where our families were stationed, in a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church (in my opinion best place to find good friends). Our friendship was, best way to describe it, wonderful!!!!! Tommy and Samuel Means were only two month apart in age, Leeanna and Hannah were about the same age as well. The kids loved each other. Well, Carie and I.... I would say we did too. Our hubby's liked each other (I think). LOL.
Anyway, the Means Family moved on after (I guess) about 2 or 3 years. Our kids really missed them (not to mention I missing my best friend). Carie and I both home schooled, loved to talk, loved the Wildlife refuge, and loved to drink coffee with some cake.
Now they moved on to higher calling: They became Missionaries to Mexico. I am blessed to call them my friends, and I am so proud of them how they manage their lives (not to mention their diet), but I surely would like to have them closer (just being a little selfish).
Carie was my inspiration with a lot of things: the love to have more children, the desire to have a home birth ( has not happen yet), healthier living as far as eating habits and sharing my coffee and cake with a wonderful friend. We just clicked, I would say.
Well, after I listened to Sam's (Carie's husband) voice mail, I wanted to kick myself. But instead I called them back (they are in Mexico). We found each other on Skype (got to love Skype), chatted and laughed for quite a while, and then let the kids talk with each other. Oh, how wonderful it was to see and talk to them again. My prayers are with each one of my Means' Friends. What a cup of coffee and cake can do!

Here are a few news: My husband is going to the field, again, and the kids and I are off to Loveland for spring break to visit Sina and her family. We will also look at a new family member, a Indian Ringneck Parrot. Yep, I am doing it again. Another bird. This time he will not fly away. We are excited, especially Tommy, Timothy and I. Leeanna acts cool about it, no wonder she is a teenager. LOL. The best teen I have ever seen, I want to add. I love my kiddos.
She got her braces on a couple of weeks ago. After 3 days of pain she felt like a human again. Poor girl, but also a brave one.
We have adjusted to Colorado, but still missing Missouri, our church there and of course my friends. I would love to be able to visit them on a regular base. But if God willing we are planning on going to camp in July with some of Calvary's people.
My mom is doing well, thank you all for the prayers. I will end now and wish every one a good night.

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  1. I can't believe how much older Leanna looks in that picture. She is growing up and turning into a young lady! We sure do miss you all. Tyler keeps saying he wants to move to Tommy's house. Are you all planning on coming back for camp this year? Maybe we will get to go this year too.