Friday, March 11, 2011

Back in the regular Army!

Finally another post! It seems like I don't have time to keep this up, but every now and then I remember to write a little something. Jason is in the field for 3 weeks, then he will be home for a few days, and after that he has to go to Texas for school. It is never easy for us to be separated, but I am grateful as long as he will not deploy. God has really blessed us in so many ways. The kids are doing great. We are tired of school, can't wait for spring break. Timothy is a little gentleman, he likes to hold open doors for everybody, and says Thanks and please and excuse me. Got to love his age!
We have settled in ok, just to have another move coming up. Our landlord (Jason's friend) will be back in August, and we will have to find another house. We would all love to live in the country, already tired of city life. Jason is planning to retire after his 20 years, which would be May of 2012. We have no idea of where we would like to live after that. He would like to go back to Missouri, but we will see what God has in mind for us. I will try to attach a few photos. My mom was with us for several weeks. She has made it back ok just to find a water damage and some broken tiles in her house. I feel for her, now such a stress and no husband to support her. I hope and pray that she will be back soon. We really enjoyed her company. Well, time to quit and attach photos! If you read my post leave a comment. Thanks!

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