Thursday, May 24, 2012

Not much longer

Only one and a half month left before we leave for Missouri, and before my husband will leave his uniforms behind. Wow, that will be quite a change for us.
As of right now, we know that we can not buy a house, because the bank won't loan us the money until Jason has a job. Which means we have to rent one. We found a house, 5 bedrooms, 150 years old, which is in the process of being remodeled. This is great, but means we can not move into it till August. OK, we will have to stay in a trailor for 3-4 weeks. But God knows. After rejecting the thought of renting - again - HE spoke to my heart. I know that HE is in control, and HIS plans seem to be different than mine. I want to be in the center of HIS will, which makes things a lot easier for me.
Sina and her kids are here with us for 2-3 weeks. I know we will miss them terribly. But GOD knows the future...
On the 30. of June we have the retirement ceremony for Jason, which will be quite an event. I plan to invite some people from church and to have a little reception with cake and drinks afterwards. What he does not know, I ordered a present for him. Don't tell him, it is a German coffee maker called Jura, it grinds, brews and self-cleans, and it makes coffee, cappuchino, latte and espresso. Hmmmm, I will enjoy it too.  ;)
We also would like to enjoy as much of the Rocky Mountains as possible before we leave. Tomorrow we are going by train up to Pikes Peak. I will take pictures and post them here (unless I forget). Jason wants to take us further west into the mountains. Yeah.
OK, enough for now. Hope to see a few comments. By the way, Carie, I still like chocolate. Too much, as a matter of fact. Grr!


  1. Have fun Manuela, Can't wait to see you guys again =)

  2. I can't believe you are leaving! But I promised myself not to cry until you are gone! We will miss you guys soooooooooo much!!!! Sigh!