Friday, January 22, 2010


Here are the news we all have been waiting for: We have been reassigned to Fort Carson in Colorado. Of course I had to call Sina and my mom. Needless to say that they are excited. And even my kids are happy, which makes me glad. I called a friend I met in Germany in our "old" church, Jenny. They are also in Ft. Carson with the Army. It was great talking to her, and it is wonderful to know that we already have a friend there. It makes it so much easier leaving our great church, wonderful friends and our beautiful home behind.
We will try to go up there on a 4 day weekend to check everything out. Need to think about renting or buying a house. We will let God direct us, always the best way! He is so good. Whoever does not know Him, misses out on Happiness, Peace, Joy, Strength... and so much more.
OK, Colorado, here we come.

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